April Hansen

“We know this is an uncertain and difficult time, and we’re here to support you throughout this evolving crisis. Shifts is operating 7 days a week and has teams and systems in place to quickly deliver thousands of clinicians to hospitals around the country.”

April Hansen, EVP, Workforce Solutions & Clinical Services


COVID-19 Crisis Jobs Filled

as of 7/31/2020

Shifts’ robust staffing resources are ready for your needs.

  • 250+ recruiters: We have hundreds of recruiters across the country who are available in all time zones and time frames.
  • Robust database of clinicians: Our recruiters leverage our database of over 800,000 clinicians.
  • Automation technology: The ease of the Shifts scheduling app encourages maximum shift fulfillment.
  • Hundreds of compliance and logistics professionals work to ensure you have compliant clinicians, who start on time and can focus solely on patient care.
  • Experienced clinical team: Our clinical team of RNs uses custom screening programs to facilitate the rapid hiring of clinicians.
  • Expansive digital advertising and marketing: Our efforts help expand our reach and proactively procure additional clinicians for hard-to-fill needs.

Contact your account manager today or email hello@shifts.com for an expedited agreement and immediate help with your staffing needs.


How do I get crisis staffing quickly?

If you already have a contract with us, just contact your account manager. We have teams working seven days a week to help during this crisis. If you haven’t worked with Shifts before, we can quickly produce an agreement for your review. To get started or learn more, please contact hello@shifts.com.

My current provider isn’t filling my needs, can Shifts help?

Absolutely! We’re working with hospitals across the country to fill crisis response positions. Our team is working 24/7 to recruit and place clinicians where they’re needed. Simply email hello@shifts.com

I’ve never worked with Shifts before, how do I get a contract?

Due to the current crisis, we’ve set up an expedited contracting process in order to engage in services. Simply email hello@shifts.com to get started. 

How is Shifts helping to keep its clinicians safe during this crisis?

Our clinicians’ safety is always our first priority. We are working closely with our hospital clients and following the CDC and WHO guidelines to ensure our clinicians stay safe. We continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments as needed.