April Hansen

“We know this is an uncertain and difficult time, and we’re here to support you throughout this evolving crisis. Shifts is operating 7 days a week and has teams and systems in place to quickly deliver thousands of clinicians to hospitals around the country.”

April Hansen, EVP, Workforce Solutions & Clinical Services


COVID-19 Crisis Jobs Filled

as of 2/23/2021

Shifts’ robust staffing resources are ready for your needs.

  • 280+ recruiters: We have hundreds of recruiters across the country who are available in all time zones and time frames.
  • Robust database of clinicians: Our recruiters leverage our database of over 1.3 million clinicians.
  • Automation technology: The ease of the Shifts scheduling app encourages maximum shift fulfillment.
  • Hundreds of compliance and logistics professionals work to ensure you have compliant clinicians, who start on time and can focus solely on patient care.
  • Experienced clinical team: Our clinical team of RNs uses custom screening programs to facilitate the rapid hiring of clinicians.
  • Expansive digital advertising and marketing: Our efforts help expand our reach and proactively procure additional clinicians for hard-to-fill needs.

Contact your account manager today or email hello@shifts.com for an expedited agreement and immediate help with your staffing needs.